Smart Building Tech Adds Value To Office Space

by John Allegro | August 13, 2020
New Office Location IT

The Importance of Offering Smart Technology Infrastructure to Prospective Tenants

As they age into C-Level positions and ownership, Millennials and Gen Zers are shaping the way we all do business. Tech writer Larry Alton put it well when he wrote that these two generations are “Digital Natives”.  “Not only do 91 percent of Gen Zers surveyed use technology to broaden their horizons and learn about the world around them, but they also expressed the belief that technology will help them realize their ideas,” says Alton.

70% of millennials want to work in a smart office, and the rest of the population isn’t far behind them. What does that mean to folks in the leasing and management businesses?

Forward-thinking building management companies see this demand as a big opportunity. First, they are making sure that their buildings are equipped with high speed and redundant ISP connections. Many buildings offer fiber connectivity from several providers, which gives their clients a choice of available primary and failover connections.

The next wave in “smarter” building technology is through “Building Management Systems” (BMS). BMS consists of technology hardware and software components that manage all building controls, such as; environmental (HVAC), electric metering, and access control.

For instance, BBH is currently working on a project that will upgrade the elevator technology in a Madison Avenue office building.  Once the project is completed, the building elevators will have enhanced security features which will only allow entry to floors if the tenant has their office access cards.  Tenants will also be able to schedule times during which elevators will not open to their office floors at all.  In addition, our engineers will be installing switch technology on specified floors that will tie into building environmental and electrical control systems.

Think about it:  over 40% of today’s rising workforce would leave an organization with subpar technology. More and more, business owners won’t risk investing in an office that can’t support their technology requirements.

An office building equipped with new, smart technology offers businesses the freedom to adapt—a defining factor in today’s competitive arena. Our team of consultants and account executives have decades of experience in new office technology including high-speed connectivity, cloud computing and infrastructure, and audio-visual conference room systems.  We also have many years of relationships with some of New York City’s top-rated building management companies.  If you are looking to relocate your office and would like an initial consultation on your prospective landlord’s technology infrastructure and recommendations on our design/build services, please contact us.