SASE and WFA: Reshaping the Future of Business Security and Operations

by John Allegro | August 14, 2023

When it comes to cybersecurity and network performance, two concepts stand out in the current digital age — Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Work From Anywhere (WFA). SASE is a security model that combines networking and security functions into a single cloud-based service. Work From Anywhere is a working model that business organizations are adopting due to the flexibility it provides to employees.

At first glance, SASE and WFA may seem like disparate concepts, but together they form a powerful synergy that's reshaping how businesses operate and secure their networks. This blog will dissect how SASE and WFA are interdependent entities and the advantages they present to businesses.

SASE: Streamlining Cybersecurity And Network Performance

The ever-evolving cyberspace is filled with a myriad of security threats. To contend with this reality, SASE has emerged as a transformative cybersecurity model. The architecture of SASE combines network security and wide area networking (WAN) capabilities into a single, cloud-native service.

SASE eliminates the need for multiple standalone security products and services. Instead, the security infrastructure integrates with the network infrastructure, resulting in streamlined operations and improved performance.

SASE provides a range of security functions including Secure Web Gateways (SWG), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), and more. With these features, SASE helps companies manage their risk more effectively, while also significantly reducing network latency.

WFA: Redefining Work Boundaries

Work From Anywhere (WFA) has become the new norm for businesses worldwide since the Covid-19 pandemic. This model has forced companies to adopt a decentralized working environment, increasing the reliance on internet and cloud services. Workers are no longer confined to their office cubicles but can execute their tasks from any location with internet access.

The rise of WFA has many benefits, including increased worker satisfaction, reduced real estate costs, and expanded access to a broader talent pool. However, this dispersed work environment also creates security challenges, as remote employees are often accessing sensitive company information from potentially insecure networks.

The Interdependence of SASE and WFA

So, where does the synergy between SASE and WFA come in?

Firstly, SASE provides much-needed security to the WFA model. Its cloud-native nature means that employees, no matter where they operate, connect through a secure internet pathway that shields the organization's data from cyber threats.

Secondly, SASE enhances network performance. Considering that WFA relies chiefly on internet connectivity, the reduced latency offered by SASE affords seamless connectivity, increasing productivity.

Wrapping It Up

In short, the fusion of SASE and WFA aligns well with the direction that businesses are currently heading - a paradigm shift towards a more flexible, distributed, and digitally connected workforce. Implementing SASE in a WFA environment, companies are more capable of navigating the challenges of modern cyber threats, ensuring data is secure while maintaining high network performance for a distributed workforce. The result is a resilient and flexible network architecture that fits perfectly in a digitally transformed business world.

Whether your business is already implementing WFA and SASE, or if you are planning to in the future, it's crucial to understand their ins and outs. Choose a service provider who can meet your company's specific needs adequately and ensure that their solution complements your work model. Remember, a protected, high-performing network is an invaluable asset in today's digital age.

Moving forward, it's clear that businesses need to adjust their strategies to match the pace of technological advancements. The symbiosis between SASE and WFA is just a single example of how organizations can leverage technology to enhance performance while ensuring security. 

BBH Solutions Helps You Embrace SASE and WFA Technology

As technology continues to dictate the rhythm of business operations, models like SASE and WFA will continue gaining traction. Companies that adapt and adopt these changes are likely to thrive, while those that don't might find themselves struggling to keep up.

Businesses can now strike a balance between a flexible working environment and a robust, secure network. The result? A modern enterprise crafted to weather the twists and turns of a dynamic digital landscape.

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