Unleashing the Power of SASE For Hybrid Work

by John Allegro | September 25, 2023
Unleashing the Power of SASE for Hybrid Work

As modern workplaces continue to adapt to hybrid work models, the demand for a secure access service edge (SASE) architecture is on the ascent.

What is SASE?

A marriage of network and security solutions, SASE provides organizations with a single compact framework to manage remote workforces, delivering superior security measures and streamlined network connections. This revolutionary approach broadens the horizon for business continuity and agility while ensuring secure operations across dispersed workspaces.

BBH Solutions, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) in New York, is dedicated to providing its customers with secure access to their business networks from any location. Leveraging Fortinet’s superior security capabilities, BBH Solutions is helping businesses bridge the gap between effective network operations and robust cybersecurity amidst the shift to hybrid work.

How Does SASE Amplify the Benefits of Hybrid Work?

Firstly, SASE converges SD-WAN and security functions into one cloud-based platform accessed through the internet. With SASE, there's no need for remote employees to connect through corporate data centers. They can now securely connect directly to the internet or SaaS apps, improving the overall user experience.

Secondly, adopting this approach provides businesses with a simplified architecture, resulting in reduced network complexity. When the network is simpler, the security risk shrinks. Contrary to traditional network architectures, SASE is location-agnostic. In the hybrid work era, this feature empowers companies to maintain consistent security and connectivity irrespective of where their workforce operates from.

Lastly, SASE ensures businesses are prepared for the uncertainties of the digital future. It offers scalable network architecture, paving the way to add new capabilities as threats evolve and business needs change.

The SASE architecture equips businesses with the resilience to deal with the challenges of a distributed work environment while ensuring network performance. 

BBH Solutions, a Fortinet Partner

BBH Solutions offers Fortinet networks with advanced security features to strengthen business readiness for evolving cyber threats by enhancing network visibility to implement real-time threat intelligence and zero-trust network access.

If it's about secure, simplified, and streamlined hybrid work, it's about SASE implemented by BBH Solutions. Business continuity, cyber-secure operations, and robust network performance - achievable under one umbrella!

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