Embrace the Flexible Workplace: Leverage Fortinet & Work-From-Anywhere

by John Allegro | September 07, 2023

In this increasingly digitized era, where work-from-home is no longer a perk but a necessity, companies are in dire need of robust solutions that not only keep their business running smoothly but also ensure utmost security. Fortinet, notable for its integrated, automated cybersecurity solutions, appears as a beacon of capability amidst this growing demand for secure remote work infrastructure. If you've been contemplating leveraging Fortinet for your remote workforce, then you're adequately poised for a significant, security-centric digital transformation.

Fortinet offers a wide array of products, including next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and endpoint security solutions. The key question is: How do these solutions contribute to effective and secure remote working?

Understanding The Demands Of Remote Work

Consider this: With many of us working outside the conventional office premises, how do we ensure that our data – which is now more dispersed than ever – stays secure? How do we maintain productive and secure connections with our teams scattered across different locations? How do we manage, monitor, and troubleshoot remote network performance issues? These are the areas where Fortinet's extensive suite of solutions steps in.

Securing Data With Fortinet

Fortinet's next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) come to the rescue to deliver industry-leading, integrated network security solutions for your remote workforce. NGFWs offer comprehensive, updated threat protection which is not confined to standard Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capabilities and primary firewall duties. They employ advanced threat intelligence to identify and remediate threats before they infiltrate your network, thereby offering a robust defense mechanism against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The question arises, is this enough to ensure data security in a work-from-anywhere setup? It certainly isn’t. That's why Fortinet also offers FortiGate Secure SD-WAN, a solution that makes secure and efficient networking possible for home or remote workers. While our homes or remote locations may not be fortified like our offices, Secure SD-WAN works by using Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in a Wide Area Network (WAN), enabling the network to be abstracted from its hardware. This facilitates flexible network management and operation while ensuring economical, secure, and high-performance connections.

Managing Remote Networks

When it comes to managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting performance issues for remote networks, Fortinet Manager and Fortinet Analyzer offer centralized control over your remote workforce's security. They provide detailed insights into network traffic, user activity, and file movement, ensuring you maintain control, even in a decentralized work-from-home model.

Embrace The Work-From Anywhere Shift

Embracing the work-from-anywhere shift involves more than just handing over laptops to employees; it is about ensuring efficient, secure, and manageable networking regardless of location. Leveraging Fortinet's vast array of solutions can equip you with the necessary tools to achieve this. While work-from-home, or anywhere for that matter, continues to be the new normal, with Fortinet you can transition with confidence, knowing your networks and data are shielded with industry-leading security solutions.

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